Alexa Tools – Five Tools to Monitor Page Rank

Alexa Tools – Top Five Tools

The Alexa toolkit ‘Sparky’ is an add-on for the FireFox and Internet Explorer toolbar that show the overall rank, reach and viewing trend of any visited site. It is a nice tool but you should be aware that it collects information about your viewing habits and some aspects of the browser information it gathers is personally identifiable. This means that it is possible for authorities to legally obtain such information and trace your viewing habits. As authoritarian governments are likely to wish to control the internet more and more you may not want to give them this head start.

Alexa SEO Tools all to do with page ranks and comparing with other web sites.

Alexa :: Alexa has a range of tools for webmasters including their search bar, web search, widgets and more.
Alexa Page Ranking :: Provides a sites ranking based on the Alexa ranking system.
Alexa Rank Comparison :: Compare different websites ranking based on Alexa stats.
Alexa Ranking :: A tool which allows comparisons of websites however output is based on numerical rather than graph format.
Alexa Tool Bar :: Customizable tool bar for your site.