How do do a win-loss review for a services bid [Guide notes] [Free template to download]

This WinLoss template is to be used as a guide when reviewing the outcome of a bid for a contract. As the name suggests it is to be used for occasions when you have won the deal or when a post mortem is to be held if you have failed.
Question: When is it most essential to do a WinLoss review?
Answer: When you have won!
OK also when the deal has been lost and especially when this was a ‘must win’ a review is essential but the most useful time is actually when the deal is brought in. Such a debrief enables you to understand the reasons for your win and also a review might reveal hidden dangers.
Such as:

  • You are an incumbent and won because the risk or trouble to change was seen to be too high on the client side – you need to know these so improvements can be made. Next time you might not be so lucky!
  • You won but the opposition was so poor that despite a poor proposal you still got through – again reflect on the need to improve.
  • You might also uncover some interesting information. Once in a desk top utility bid (we won) and I was asked to do the review with the client. All went very well and I asked ‘what were the proposals like from the other competitors’. To my surprise the client said, ‘well you can have them if you like’, which I accepted although a bit reluctantly as I am sure a non-disclosure was in place.

I have put together a template based on work I did a while back and the download link is shown below. If you have comments or suggestions for updates please add comments below:

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