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This is the tools and methods section of the 1stoutsource. Here you will find articles on methods and research many of which will have examples and templates for you to download – I do this to share knowledge and generate new ideas from feedback – so if you have suggestions for improvement please reply (below) or put a question in the Q&A forums and I will see what I can do.

The Project Audit Check List

Project Audit – A check List The primary purpose of a project audit is to find the reasons for apparent failings in the project process, and answer: * What is the current state of the project * Is the project going to deliver something useful that meets requirements? * Is the technical approach being used still appropriate * Is the business case still valid? * Is the project organised in an effective way * Is the project context hindering or helping progress * Are industry standard project processes being followed * Is the project following industry best practice development methods? * What should be changed to improve the project focus?

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The Five Intercultural Negotiation Skills

All cultures have their own preferred styles and strategies for dealing with and managing conflict. Yet it is quite difficult to be culture-specific when discussion how to deal effectively with cross-cultural conflicts. Nevertheless, there are some general skills involved in cross-cultural negotiation and conflict management that can be highlighted.

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Don’t forget to use your Email Signature for Free Advertising and Promotion

A big part of your business comes from your email so it makes sense to advertise your products and/or services with every email that you send out. You can do this by having an email signature or ‘Signature Tag’ in your email. Outlook and most email clients (including allow you to set up your ‘Sig Tag’ so it is automatically added to each and every email going out, including replies and forwards. We often add our Facebook or LinkedIn tag in the signature – but why not make it more productive and advertise your products!

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Running a marketing planning workshop

The process involves a series of workshops where knowledge and ideas are generated, gaps in understanding acknowledged and actions agreed to acquire the missing information for the following workshop. A marketing template is completed including action plans with clear responsibilities and dates for completion. The process also includes agreement on priorities and specific measurements for success.

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Guide to deploying objectives to staff departments

Objective setting is a vital part of appraising and managing employees. Both managers and subordinates should be aware of what the objectives are for the current period as well as be working on new draft objectives for the next period prior to discussing them during a future appraisal meeting – where objectives for the forthcoming period can be documented and agreed.

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