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Prince Charles treats us to more nonsense

Royston Morgan

The Deathly GM Crops and The Half-Wit Prince (Book 8) Most of the time I regard Prince Charles as an amiable affable buffoon who talks a peculiar brand of new age sentiment and claptrap and dresses in a quaint Scottish (kilt commando style) way so beloved by our American friends across the water or who swans ...

Trondheim 2016 Gala Dinner

Royston Morgan

Euroma Trondheim 2016 A well known conference for an academic getaway is the Euroma conference. An annual event, where academics from around the world, including the UK, gather and discuss important matters around operations management. Included in this brain expanding event is a brain cell destroying gala dinner where some 500 or so Profs and Lecturers ...

Grahame Taylor tries out a word processor

Past England Manager Grahame Taylor

Royston Morgan

Here is a nice picture of Stephanie, one of our regular contributors, in an earlier reincarnation as a computer word processing sales manager. The football manager in the picture is Grahame Taylor England’s manager from 1990 to 1993 when he had a bit of a raw deal with a Dutch player scoring a killer goal after ...

Creating separate databases and logins phpmyadmin on WAMP server


Now we have set up correctly creating separate logins for each application is very straightforward let’s assume I am going to create a local Wordpress instance on my local laptop. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in ...

Creating a login screen in phpMyAdmin


When installing local applications on your laptop to run on WAMP server it is often useful to create separate databases and logins for the applications so you can keep things in order. There are several ways to do this but I thought I would set down a step by step process that dummies such as ...

Top Tips for Conference Speakers

Royston Morgan

I have sat through and given a few presentations in my time so based on my experience of sitting through a conference or two I have put together a few tips: Preparing For The Event Read the proposed conference flyer and match your points to the theme. The flyers can help on the direction of the content – ...

The Project Audit Process

Royston Morgan

The process of carrying out a project audit starts with initiation. In this activity a meeting with the prime stakeholder is held where the scope of the audit is agreed, a list the questions that need to be answered is drawn up and basic facts about the project such as scale, locations, goals, history, and ...

Ticket Inspections Southern Rail

Royston Morgan

I’m on a roll today so I thought I’d share another of my irrational moans The question of the first class ticket and the freeloaders. Now, when I feel like being a big shot I buy a first class season ticket from Lingfield to London so as to enjoy the privilege and peace and quiet of ...

What is leadership in a crisis


These days, you get dozens of results by searching for “leadership” and “economic crisis” on Google. The same happens when searching for “leadership” and “downsizing”. The general consensus is clear: during challenging times, individuals look to their leaders for inspiration, guidance and reassurance. But leaders are also the first to be blamed when things go ...

Get a service level agreement organised

Royston Morgan

The success of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is also observed closely by your staff. We have seen in our outsource work that staff notice only too well whether their original employer is getting value or just being ‘ripped off’ and often have great fun when it does go wrong. This keen appraisal of how ...