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    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—The Presidential Box—December 2009—OA News—Page 1

    This is an E I G H T Page OA News Bulletin so the footprints team suggests that you be nice and relaxed when viewing this bulletin. This is an Exclusive Interview with eight of the World’s greatest leaders according to Voters on Today’s Times Magazine. The Exclusive Interview was being held in Spain, Madrid, just off the coast of River Lechalle.
    As the month is December and the closing month of the year one tends to reflect back at the discoveries created by Man and the destruction of Man. Oprah Winfrey who is the facilitator of the show was asked to give a “Surprise Welcome” to the guests as this is her final show of 26 years in the business. The three day broadcast was to be distributed by Fox News. SABC News, FF News and Harpo Productions.
    Centuries have passed and Man has been the fulcrum of war, natural disasters, unethical destruction and the signing of Peace Agreements. Each member who appears in Oprah Winfrey’s “Final Say” was asked to pay a donation of 5 million dollars for the improvement of Schools and Universities in the global Diaspora.
    Before going to press Ms. Winfrey was asked to call the guests as a “personal invite” to clue them up on her “Final Say.” According to Winfrey the persons were going to play a game called “Tele-fun-quiz.”

    The talk show was being held in Spain with a studio audience of 120 000 and a total distribution of one billion people worldwide. Most of the studio audience was handpicked by Ms. Winfrey herself whilst the guests were chosen from a “Magic Hat.”

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    The “Tele-fun-quiz ” game was just newly introduced by Winfrey to “woo” her audience of her final message to the world. The “Tele-fun-quiz” show had eight players, or four teams. The “Tele-fun-quiz” show included a maximum points table of 50 for the winning team. The “Tele-fun quiz” winning pot was 100 million dollars from revenue from ticket sales and Ms. Winfrey’s own 40 million dollars contribution.

    On the morning of the first day we had an early breakfast and were clued up on the rules, the tricks, the styles and the ambiance of the game. Each team included a partner to assist the interviewer. Each team was allocated a certain time limit to answer questions from the “Magic Hat.” Each team had been given names of their tribe to represent their country and culture. Each team had to allocate a team runner and a team backer.

    Among the e I g h t people who were asked to participate in the game show was Omar Abdulla, Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Dr. Lakshmi Mittal, Kim Kardashian, Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan.
    Crowds gathered from as early as 5:am waiting to enter the gates of the Stadium where the “Special Broadcast” was being held. Crowds were holding billboards for the team member they supported and members of the Spanish community were crying as they believed that Ms. Winfrey had truly lived up to her fan base throughout the world.

    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—
    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—The Presidential Box—December 2009—OA News—Page 2--http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com

    At the start of the show the “Magic hat” had chosen the following groups of teams:

    1) Omar Abdulla/Kim Kardashian= Name of Tribe:
    “ The Ubuntu of South Africa”

    2) Barack Obama/Aishwarya Rai= Name of Tribe: “The Twin Double”

    3) Dr. Lakshmi Mittal/Warren Buffet= Name of Tribe: “The Spartan Kings”

    4) Salman Khan/Bill Gates= Name of Tribe: “The Dream Team”

    --FF News Advert--

    The studio audience was asked to pay a whopping $10.000 per seat as Ms. Winfrey was donating all funds to several charity organizations, schools, universities and families.
    After the teams were chosen each member was given one hour to get to know each other, shake hands, catch up on old gossip and learn something new from their ethnic background.

    The morning of the Friday, at 10: am, Studio audience were asked to “clap and cheer” the personalities on stage. Ms. Winfrey asked personalities to be aware of the surrounding cameras and act extra glamorous on stage. The 120 000 studio audience included the “who’s who” of politicians, media personalities, everyday fans and copycat personalities.

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    After the introductions were done, members were asked to perform, answer, act and “be aware” of being “Funked.” According to the rules each studio personality were asked to punch a rating of 1/5 from the given request from the “Magic Hat.”

    As crowds cheered, Ms. Winfrey, asked the crowds for silence as she put her hand in the “Magic hat” for the first performance. The “Magic hat” had 50 requests from the studio audience.

    The first request (request from the New York Times) President Barack Obama was asked on his personal opinion about the United States being staggered by mass foreigners seeking citizenship in the U.S.

    At first, Mr. Obama laughed at the request and said that the United States was constantly being plagued by foreign Muslims seeking jobs and opportunities in the country.

    “Ten years ago the Muslim community hated America, today they want to mend fences.” Obama says.

    The audience found that Mr. Obama did not answer the question to full capacity and was rated a dismal 2/5. “The Twin Double” team was awarded two points to the scoreboard.

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    The second request (requested by Haifa Wehbe) asked President of South Africa Omar Abdulla to dance to a song “You Still the one.”

    Abdulla jerked and said that he was not the dancing diva type but with Hollywood Sex Goddess Kim Kardashian as his partner he could “give it a shot”. As the couple danced to the 3:21min song, Mr. Abdulla’s wives watched on the benches of the stage their husband make a fool of himself.

    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—
    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—The Presidential Box—December 2009—Page 3--http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com

    Crowds held boards with the name “Go Omar, Go Omar” and a few Kim Kardashian fans jumped on stage to meet the Actress. Ms. Winfrey said that crowds should not jump on stage when the stars were showcasing their talents.

    After the “You still the one” dance by the President and Miss Kardashian, crowds had voted “The Ubuntu of South Africa” team a cool 4/5.

    Ms. Winfrey said that it was time for a commercial break and studio and stage audience were allowed an eight minute break.

    After the commercial break “The Magic Hat” had a request from (President Nicholas Sarkozy) asking Mr. Warren Buffet his opinion on trade and barter deals and what his focal investment was for the future.
    Mr. Warren Buffet grabbed the microphone and in a grumpy voice said that the Economic Crisis was not yet over as billionaires were becoming “smaller” in their nest bank.

    “We were richer yesterday, We are lagging the constant support from our brotherly banks, We have succumbed to bad investments with no thrust, We have perhaps dropped our core investments for smaller holding companies.” Buffet said.

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    Buffet continued by saying that an awesome savings plan, together with aggressive spending and investment capacities could rescue the global economic crisis.
    The crowd had expected a somewhat lengthier answer from one of the richest men in the world. The crowd of 120 000 had punched in an average score of 3/5 for Mr. Buffet’s answer. “The Spartan Kings” were awarded three points to the scoreboard.

    --http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com Advert--

    Request no.4 picked from “The Magic Hat” was for Mr. President of South Africa Omar Abdulla. The question asked Abdulla what it felt like to be the youngest and most popular president in the world.

    Abdulla said that it was no-coincidence that he became President of South Africa as he had sweated and worked over a million hours on his presidential dreams. Abdulla said that his wives, his father, his mother and his “Ubuntu people” had supported him because he had the heart of a lion. Abdulla said that he was not happy with current Economic conditions because Reserve Banks were not “playing ball” with interest and leveraging rates in the global community.
    Abdulla said that the community of South Africa and overseas market makers were “toying” with global trends to keep the supply and demand of trade alive.

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    The crowd was given a 5 second time limit to punch in a rating to Mr. Abdulla’s answer. The crowd had liked Mr. Abdulla’s style and funky attitude and had keyed in a score of 3/5 for the president.

    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—
    ==The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—The Presidential Box—December 2009—Page 4--http://www.footprintsfilmworks.com

    Request No.5 was asked to Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan to arm-wrestle President of United States Barack Obama. Khan said that the request from former foe Shar Rukh was “unfair” as he could not “hold hands” with any American. Salman Khan then decided that he will challenge Obama to the arm-wrestle only if he could be with “old flame” Aishwarya Rai if he won the request. Obama agreed that if he loses he will be “funked” and Khan could join “The Twin Double” team.

    As expected Khan had won the arm-wrestle between himself and Obama and thus Obama was voted off stage and could join the studio audience for continuation. The Studio audience had voted 5/5 for “The Dream Team.”
    Thus after the first day of “Tel-fun-Quiz-“the scoreboard and team profiles had read;

    1) Omar Abdulla/Kim Kardashian “The Ubuntu of South Africa.” = 7

    2) Aishwarya Rai/Salman Khan “The Twin Double” = 7

    3) Dr. Lakshmi Mittal/Warren Buffet “The Spartan Kings” = 3

    4) Bill Gates “The Dream Team” = 0

    On the eve of the Friday after the show members had mingled in hotel rooms and got to know each other a bit better. Perhaps Saturday could provide the crowds with more entertainment, education, frenzy and bizarre requests and “cool” gestures on stage.

    In the afternoon, and the second day of “Tele-fun-Quiz” the sold out Madrid Stadium boss had asked Ms. Winfrey if he can allow another 30 000 fans as the news had spread like wild fire that the “top of the top” were in town. Ms. Winfrey had agreed to facilitate the 30 000 more studio guests agreed the $10.000 entry fee per seat.

    --The PrinCe of her Dreams Advert--

    Request No.6 from the magic hat was asked to President of South Africa Omar Abdulla to challenge Bill Gates on typing speed. According to the request whoever loses the contest will be “funked” and the winner will win double the normal 5 points.
    Two computers lay in front of each other and an eight page document needed to be typed as accurately and as fast as possible. The eight page document was from an extract from local newspaper Madrid Daily.

    Mr. Bill Gates said that Abdulla was one of the shrewdest distributors when it came to internet and teleport media but was willing to challenge his accuracy and speed in one space.

    The Two billionaires started with “roars of cheers” and as the two professionals typed Mr. Gates finished off his eight pages in 12 min, 21 seconds whilst Mr. Abdulla had taken 13 min, 32 seconds. Upon examination of the two scripts on the big screen, Mr, Abdulla, had not made one mistake whilst Mr. Gates had made six spellings errors and missed two words from the Journal. The request was awarded to “The Ubuntu of South Africa” whilst Mr. Gates had been “funked” by the audience.

    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—
    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—The Presidential Box—December 2009—OA News==Page 5

    The crowds were gathering momentum and if you stood from a block from the stadium you would still hear echoes of the crowd said a local passerby.
    Ms. Winfrey said that they will take three more requests before end of day and that the final Sunday will engross a few surprises to studio audiences and stage guests.

    YouTube - I Just Called To Say I Love You

    Request No.7 was asked to Bollywood Queen Aishwarya Rai to perform an “old tradition” Indian song for the audience. Rai said that she wanted to dance to the tune of “Kajra Rai” and that the crowd should wait 18 minutes for her to get dressed for the request.
    Ms. Winfrey said that whilst The Bollywood sensation gets dolled up she will cut to a commercial break and that studio audiences should buy a drink and meal at the local cafes in the stadium.

    Mrs. Aishwarya Rai performed to “dance remix” music that had the crowd begging for more. “Again, Again” said one crazy nutty fan.

    The studio audience had rated Rai’s Solo performance a cool 4/5.

    Request No.8 was asked to Steel Giant Dr. Lakshmi Mittal. According to the request by audience member Jason Patrick he wanted to know the past, the future and the history of the current natural resources industry.
    Mr. Mittal answered the studio audience question by saying that the steel industry was experiencing a monopoly market and that his investment company Mittal Steel was leveraging the business by hedging with oil investments, media communications, fishing and farming.

    “In a tight fitted market one has to be aggressive, spontaneous, posses “sputnik solutions” and be the trend setter.” said the Indian Billionaire.

    --OA News Advert--

    The audience had punched in an average of 3/5 for Mr. Mittal’s answer.
    Request No. 9 was asked to President of South Africa Omar Abdulla to elaborate the importance of government legislation and the importance of “global power” trends of motivation and restoration of fundamental finance.

    Abdulla answered Studio Audience member Heinrich Liebenberg by saying that the R700 trillion rand SA economy was experiencing ill-liquidity and that the South African community like other communities was going through a credit crunch.
    Abdulla said that the economy MUST be juiced up by Reserve Bank governors and relevant ministers. Abdulla said that the future lies with community leaders who follow their hearts and their fellow people’s dreams. Abdulla said that the “new world order” was slowly being pushed away as governments wanted to work as individuals than backend teams.

    The studio audience did not like Abdulla’s arrogant answer about the world being pushed away by “miniature ministers” and voted him a low 3/5.

    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation—The Presidential Box—December 2009—Page 6

    At the close of the second day of the three day “Tele-fun-Quiz” the scoreboard had read;
    1) Omar Abdulla/Kim Kardashian “The Ubuntu of South Africa” = 20

    2) Aishwarya Rai/Salman Khan “The Twin Double” = 11

    3) Dr. Laksmi Mittal/Warren Buffet “The Spartan Kings” = 6

    That Saturday Evening was one of the coolest evenings in my life. I am the wife of President of South Africa Omar Abdulla and this is the first time that I was visiting a European Country and I could escape the hectic calls that Omar gets all day in SA. My sister who is also married to Omar chose to stay in the hotel whilst we decided to have an old fashioned “prawn curry” meal at local Madrid restaurant.

    I was so proud of Omar doing well for the day that I thought that I should shower my love for him by dancing to our song “I Just Called to say, I Love You.”

    When Omar is in the limelight it makes me nervous because I hate to see him under so much pressure and agility. At times I wish that he did not dream so big, but then again I always wanted to be treated like a queen. The Saturday evening was spent on the shores of Lake Rachelle and I remember Omar being all “sporty, horty” with me.

    --Footprints Chrome Advert--

    When I met with Omar long before he became President he was this hunky dude who finished university looking for a job in media or business networking industry. Never did I ever dream that I will be his first lady. The Saturday evening was probably the most romantic time I had with him because he behaved like he did not have any worries about the future because he knew his dreams were kept safe with his creator.

    On the final Sunday of the “Tele-fun-Quiz” the studio audience prepared sprawling entertainment with members of the global community. Ms. Winfrey had said that she was excited that this was the last day in front of the camera and said that through the 26 years in the industry not a day went by that she never remembered her parents and her cold harsh upbringing.

    “This is my final show, and please don’t mind me crying on stage. I have worked from the doldrums in Radio to become one of the most admired African Woman. I have my fans to thank, but more than that I have my prayers from God to thank. As this is my final day on national television I want to say that people who watched by interviews and films, thank you for your kind generosity and love.” Winfrey says.

    As the final day, audiences were asked that whatever score they punched the amount will be doubled as the game was moving slowly for audiences around the world.

    Request No.10 was asked to billionaire investor, Warren Buffet about the importance of hedging ones financial assets and businesses to stem economic flow and juice.

    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation--
    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation Advert—The Presidential Box—December 2009—Page 7

    Mr. Buffet answered Request No.10 Chris Brown by saying that hedging is doing something in opposition of one’s core business. Mr. Buffet said that if an investor invested in telecommunications and the business was not showing results one should take a position in the market against the share. Mr. Buffet said that finance was not something that he enjoyed as he was not interested in the charts and
    fundamentals of the business.

    “The true value of any business is the leadership, management, approach and style that guarantee growth.” Buffet says.

    Audiences were “shell shocked” that “The Oracle of Omaha” had stood tall on his investment approach and was rated a healthy 4/5 for his answer to the request.

    Request No.11 was asked to Hollywood Bombshell Kim Kardashian to do a “sexy number.” According to the request by the audience member she wanted Miss. Kardashian to show women the real way of teasing one’s man. Kardashian was asked to do a sleazy Strip Dance for the crowd that revealed “too much, too little.”

    --Footprints M0bile Advert--

    Crowds had crammed into the 120 000 stadium occupying more than capacity of 153 000 on that Sunday. Kim Kardashian was rated a dismal 2/5 for her “strip dance” as audience members found her to be “too open” in her sex appeal and God like sexiness.

    Request No. 12 was a question to be “funked” and the joining of the teams. All six current stage contestants were asked to get “barely legal” and get into their sports gear. Mr. Buffet had opted to say that jogging around the 1105 hectare stadium would be foolish on anybody’s part but decided to go for the long hall. According to the request whoever came out second last and last will be voted off.

    The jog was around the corners of the stadium where the crowds occupied. Ms. Aishwarya Rai said that it was “comical” to see her in her shorts and bikini wear. President of SA Omar Abdulla said that jogging around the stadium was “uncalled for” and that the request should be changed. However, the six contestants had to “prove their stamina” and took to the racing track.

    The two people who were “funked” in the laughable race were Mr. Warren Buffet and Aishwarya Rai. The teams were awarded with ten points each to form two new teams.

    1) Omar Abdulla/Kim Kardashian “Destiny Dreams” = 34

    2) Salman Khan/Dr. Lakshmi Mittal “India’s Powerade” = 35

    As the final request was on the cards both teams were asked to remember “attack is the best form of defense.”
    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation--

    --Footprints Filmworks—The Presidential Box—December 2009—OA News—Page 8

    The final trivia request as Ms. Winfrey stated was for twenty points and included three questions from the history of the world. Whoever answered the three questions first will be awarded the twenty points and thus the winner of the “Tele-fun-Quiz” game. The stage guests were given three exactly the same history questions and given their own booth to answer the questions in their own handwriting. Ms. Winfrey said that the minimum time limit was 60 min with a maximum of 120 minutes. The crowds were asked to be quite as the Superstars needed time to think the questions through. Once the questions were answered the team that has the most correct answers wins. Mr. Omar Abdulla and Kim Kardashian could work together whilst Mr. Salman Khan and Dr. L. Mittal could work together in their separate booths.

    Eighty one minutes into the session “Destiny Dreams” team leader Omar Abdulla says that he and his partner had completed the 12 page questionnaire and the audience can read the answers and decide who is more correct from the questions given. Twelve minutes later “India’ Powerade” team leader Salman Khan comes out of the booth saying “What does American history have to do with this contest anyway?”

    Whilst the questionnaire was being reviewed by the panel of nominees Mr. Abdulla of South Africa was “highlighted” as a 100 percent mark, making team 2 less than 5 percent winning.

    --Footprints Filmworks Advert--

    “Destiny Dreams” is the winner of the game with Omar Abdulla being awarded “Man of the Match” said panel judge Britney Spears.

    Abdulla said that he was honored winning the competition and said that the 100 million dollar prize money should be awarded to The Nelson Mandela Foundation, The Rhodes Foundation, The SA Homeless Foundation and The Footprints Filmworks Foundation. Abdulla said that the 10 million dollar “man of the match” prize should be donated to poverty stricken families in the sub-continent and should be distributed through an investment vehicle that protects the fund for future use.
    As crowds cheered the closing of the day and the weekend Ms. Winfrey walks up to Mr. Abdulla.

    “Mr. Abdulla, you are the South African President, where did you get the answer to question two from as journalists throughout years were queuing to find the answer to this question.”

    Mr. Abdulla said that when he visited the United States with his father earlier in the decade his father taught him that George Washington was the President who said;

    “Before we live, we conquer, before we die, we believe, before we smile, we cry, before we lead, we have to follow.”

    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation-- [​IMG]

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