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    Leadership and Management Funding

    For all those interested in improving their Leadership and Management skills, new government funding is available which provides small to medium sized organisations up to £1000 of funding to be used on training provision.

    Funding can be used to develop business leaders' leadership and management skills to help them take their organisation to the next level of business growth.

    ABA Training Ltd offer tailored workshops and courses in leadership and management which benefit whole organisations by affecting those at the top. To find out more about how we can help you for free, visit our website: Leadership and Management Training Fund | ABA Training Ltd

    ABA Training also provide Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships:

    Apprenticeships | ABA Training Ltd

    Contact us for more details to see how we can help you and your organisation.

    All the best,
    ABA Training Ltd

    (ABA Training Ltd are based in Essex but provide training nationwide)
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    This is good to know that you are providing fund for business and management training..
    Earlier most of the students were not able to study because they had funding problems..
    When I did my business management course then initially I also faced problems in funding but afterward,I managed and completed my course..
    If I got this opportunity then I would'nt have faced problems..


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