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    ASSASSINATION "Attempt," on

    President Barack Obama...!!

    by Naeema Shar

    (8 April 2015--FF News) US President Barack Obama was stabbed this

    afternoon by three ISLAMIC STATE terrorists in New York, belonging


    "Obama was stabbed in his left lung, and suffered an attack and collapsed,

    after giving a speech in New York." read The New York Times.

    According to The United Nations, Obama was speaking at the Central

    House in New York, about the world economy and ridding The United

    States off terrorism, corruption, and dictatorship.

    "Three terrorists that are known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),

    are being known as Islamic terrorists from England, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. We

    have arrested the men who have stabbed our president, on this fatal day." says

    Private Investigator, Mr. William Waines, a Washington detective.

    The Obama Administration said in a statement that the men had travelled

    to New York, through the airline airports in Atlanta and Colorado.

    "We have surveillance camera's all around the president, and he was

    stabbed, whilst entering his limousine. He was attended by bodyguards

    and his first lady, who had called police."


    President of China, Mr Xi Jinping says that CHINA had stood against

    terrorism and planned to launch further attacks against the Islamic

    State of ISIS.

    "The reason Obama was stabbed today, was because of his constant ambition

    to kill the ISIS group in The Middle East. Our approach will be to stick against

    a n y form of terrorism."

    Obama who was rushed to The New York Royal Hospital is said to be in a stable

    state, with s l o w recovery.

    "The helicopter had arrived after 15 minutes and rushed the president to

    the hospital." noted an Alaskan resident.


    Speaking to Footprints in Washington,local resident, Miss. Jasmine Carrim says that she

    lives in the local Indian community of Philadelphia and was shocked to h e a r that

    the president got stabbed by these Islamic terrorists.

    "Americans have taken this assassination attempt to kill the president

    by bombing the local mosques and killing their suburbs by forcing us out...Our

    holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW) did not preach acts against humanity, acts

    against our own blood, acts that destroy our global image."

    Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. James Cameron says that

    this assassination attempt on President Obama was a cry for his help

    to assist The United States.

    "Obama and I have agreed to destroy the leadership of ISIS in The West. We

    will take the Roman approach of destroying these Islamic State militants who

    bow our nations. We will fight to destroy ISIS, not ISLAM."

    #‚ÄéTrailor, produced by Footprints Filmworks

    Footprints Filmworks
    2015 BATMAN EDIT

    ISIS leader, Imaam Ismail Haroon Abdullah said that they were responsible for

    the attack on President Obama and will continue to ploy against The West.

    "Obama must stop bombing our cities, Obama must practice ISLAM, he is

    half-Muslim, Obama must stop poisoning our women, Obama will die at

    the hands of ISIS." were some of his remarks.

    However, The White House said in statement that Obama was still recoving

    and was in a conscious mind, but was under constant care.

    "He was scheduled to visit South Africa in June 2015, and Argentina in October

    2015, and his plans for these trips will have to be cancelled until he recovers




    "The PrinCe of her Dreams,"

    to be released in

    South Africa...!!

    by Ab Moosa

    (7 April 2015--FF News) South African's and the rest of the 'global community,'

    will be entertained, 'dazzed-'n-amazed,' and /-/APPY by the new production

    of Footprints Filmworks

    said Ceo of Footprints Filmworks, Miss. Sakeena Joosub.

    "We have produced cinema reels, DVD copies, radio soundtracks and new forms

    of broadcasting that makes this film a Blockbuster. We are entertained by the

    music, the 'song-'n-dance,' the acting and the production of the film, that

    enables the company to grow." says Managing Director, of Starbucks, Mr.

    Hitest Malhotra.

    "The PrinCe of her Dreams, that will be released on October 25 2015 promises

    the everyday viewer any opportunity the soapie life of love, marriage, relationships,

    the 'good-'n-d- bad,' and perhaps the prince like qualities of teenage love, 'sexual love,'

    and mature love." bragged a resident.

    Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla says that the film

    was filmed in six locations locally and two locations internationally.

    "It took us a period of two months for filming, and the broadcast promises

    to be the simplest, coolest, hottest and fastest romance film available. With

    the w o r k of Miss. Priyanka Chopra and I, we see the film building a walk

    to remember story."


    Miss. Priyanka Chopra who spoke to India Today, says that her work

    with Abdulla was a work of pleasure, entertainment, 'new-beginnings,'

    and a promise of a better today, tomorrow and the future.

    "When I read the script I was entertained and felt that this film has

    the potential to touch hearts, and wet eyes. Omar, and I are still in

    progress with the production in The United States and India." she

    was quoted as saying.

    Speaking to The Champion Chunes, local Durban Knight, Mr. Rashid Abdool

    Gani says that he had reviewed "The PrinCe of her Dreams," and felt that

    the story of a love affair that began 200KM away, turned into love, lust, romance,

    and a 'revealing approach to life."

    "Raj plays the role well by wooing his wife and how they manage their

    lifestyle opportunities. Perhaps life is not but a bunch of roses."

    Another fan to spoke to 5D Publications, says that the film was told in such

    a way that the father of the bride, the son in law, and the parents were

    as a f a m i l y of unity and friendship.

    "The soapie was written by several hundred w r i t e r s that brought together,

    mind, body, spirit and h e a r t. The way Priyanka falls 'head-over-heals,' in the story

    of true love, p a s s i o n, d r e a m s and knowledge makes it worth a re-watch."


    Managing Director of Footprints Filmworks, Mr. Akber Sayed Mia says that the

    company had produced the 81 minute soapie over two months, after Mr. Abdulla

    had several other shoots.

    "Mr. Abdulla had to fly to Australia and Dubai for other film shoots, that he

    has been scheduled to attend." he scripted.

    Local Klerksdorp resident, Miss. Andrea Fatherbeard says that she was excited

    to watch the 'new-film,' of the Indian actress as she always enveyed

    her 'touch-of-class,' and sex appeal on screen.

    "We see her appearance together with the opposite protagonist as a

    loving story that tells of the story through university, through the children,

    through the 'ups-'n-downs,' of life, and through the maturity of sixty

    years marriage."

    Rome Resident, Mr. Saint Gebenelos says that he had h e a r d of Abdulla

    after his production in several other films including Footprints in Laudium,

    Footprints in Lenasia, "My Father, The President," and Footprints in

    South Africa.

    "I have always admired Abdulla's quality and style when dealing with

    actors, actresses, business people and the general media. I am glad

    that he has finally got his break as a R20 million rand actor for his

    role in the film."


    Meanwhile, it is rumored that Priyanka Chopra is rumored to be paid

    an estimated R12 million rand for the film, with film shoots in

    Laudium, Los Angeles, Roshnee, Rustenburg, Darfontein, Delhi, Pietersburg,

    and Port Shepstone.

    "We have a spice variation of culture, as different cultures celebrate

    their love in d i f f e r e n t and unique ways. Our approach of this

    film, seems that the story has character, as the actors play their

    roles well."

    Film Director for The film "The PrinCe of Her Dreams," Mr. Ananth

    Singh says that he had coached both the actors and other staff of the

    film, the exact script of the film, with ways that bring a new definition

    to love.

    "This soapie that Footprints Filmworks and Starbucks have invested

    into promises to reap rewards for the investor and shareholder. We

    have secured rights of cinema distribution at all major cinema houses,

    and DVD producers."


    Concluding h e r statement to The Sunday Sun, Miss. Tersia Sithole,

    says that her engagement to meet both Abdulla and Chopra at The

    Orange River doing one of their shoots has enlightened her to

    watch the blockbuster.

    "I have h e a r d so many awesome remarks about this team of love,

    that I cannot wait to h e a r and see more. We feel that Priyanka's role

    with her magic for lust together with Abdulla's 'playboy magic,' a thirst

    for consumers demands."






    by R0M3o^OF^/-/eART$

    (22 April 2015--FF News) The South African Police Services, posted a statement

    on their website this morning, stating the increase of 'household,' burglaries,

    vehicle theft and hijackings, with the reduction in murder and rape cases.

    "South Africa still has the highest m u r d e r rate in the w o r l d,

    with the exception

    of war-related countries. The news received from our Head of Police,

    Mr. John De Klerk proves that our 'delivery policemen,' are

    sleeping on the job, whilst our forensic detectives and other

    private investigators,

    are pushing hard numbers to solve murder and rape cases."

    According to the criminal statistics received this morning, 'delivery policemen,'

    were the men who solve 'day-2-day,' crimes including car hijackings

    and household burglaries.

    "In some provinces of South Africa, it takes an hour or more for the police,

    to arrive on the scene, whilst policemen w e r e still dragging their feet. Our private

    investigators have got their pencils sharpened by solving crime quickly, and

    getting the person responsible behind bars, quickly." says Sargent Ian Goldsmith,

    from the Police Department of South Africa.


    The South African Police that is owned by government, whilst The Metro Police

    owned by 'community forums,' has taken pledge to the task to reduce crime

    altogether by 12% within the next two years.

    "We have innocent people being killed through drug related crimes. We have

    innocent women being hijacked from their vehicles. We have burglaries at the

    home where hundreds of thousands of rands are stolen. We have petty crimes

    that are not reported. Our primary objective, within the next two years, is

    to speed up the efficiency when it comes to crime, by putting the people

    behind bars for extended periods, and by installing camera systems on each

    street so we can monitor and bring down crime." says Police Inspector, Mr.

    Justin Oblonge.


    Roshnee resident, Miss. Aarifah Choonara told Footprints in Roshnee,

    that it was about 7: PM in

    the evening and she was watching a soapie with her sister.

    "The burglar had broke the front window of the lounge, entering our home

    with a firearm. He had demanded cash, and after I gave him all the jewellery

    and cash I had, he demanded more. He tied me up, and raped me, stabbing


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