Energy Efficiency Measures Can Enhance Value of Real Estate Portfolios

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    New Report from Ceres and Mercer Highlights Efficiency’s Importance for Both Real Estate Investing and Climate Change; Flags Potential Risks to Portfolios that Don’t Embrace Efficiency

    Much is said about pollution from cars and industrial smokestacks, but 38 percent of all carbon emissions in America come from powering our buildings, and much of that energy is wasted.

    But a new report, “Energy Efficiency in Real Estate Portfolios: Opportunities for Investors,” says that proven, existing efficiency technologies in everything from lighting to climate control and more can unlock the untapped reserves of efficiency gains buried in many real estate holdings. Those gains would be a boon to real estate investors’ bottom lines – both direct property owners like large pension funds and smaller investors who primarily hold real estate securities – even as they make our buildings far less power-hungry and a big part of America’s efforts to combat climate change.



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